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Roler Hearth furnace

  1. Tubes in lots of 2 to 4 inch dia and 6 to 7 meter length approx. pass through different zones of furnace with the help of conveyor. Here the furnace has N2 gas and its temperature is above 700 deg as per set parameter. This brightens the tube surface and improves the strength and quality of tube metal.
  2. M/s cabinet has done the automation to control the temperature of furnace and speed of the conveyor as per set process parameter with the help of PLC & SCADA. Collective data of process and Report per production batch is also generated and maintained.

Major Applications: Water Pipelines,Agriculture & irrigation, Gas pipe lines,LPG and other non-toxic gas lines

100 TPH Pusher Type Billet furnace

  1. This type of furnace is used Clear the surface of billets by making it Red Hot. Typically there are 4 furnaces (2 Heating Zone, 2 Soaking zone). Billets are pushed inside furnaces through Pushers. Now once billets are inside the furnace, Cabinet Systems through its automation does the further process.
  2. The temperature inside the furnace is controlled by the 2 thermocouples (Control temperature & Safety temperature) which in addition is controlled by PID controllers. For firing the burners in the furnace a mixture of air (combustion blower) and gas is used.
  3. UV feedback from Pilot burners used in Soaking Zones are taken for Main burner start. These processes are then followed by the PID processes for controlling the temperature of air and gas ratio.

Blast Furnace Gas Flare System

BF gases flared in the Flare stack of various chemical processes cannot be vented directly into the atmosphere, hence they are deliberately burnt. The burning of gas should be complete so that it reduces pollution & helps to maintain cleaner atmosphere. For flare system to function properly, the flow under emergency conditions must be evaluated.