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Continuous Galvanizing Line

This is a continuous process industry having lot of variable speed AC & DC Drives and field instruments, which are to run in synchronization. This is achieved by PLC & DC drives in profibus communication.
The Zinc pot furnace Temperature control consisting of 8 PID loops having interface with thermocouples and ratio-control valves.

The coils are passed through a Tension Leveler to improve the shape of the product and ensure perfect flatness.

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CTL (Cut To Length)

  1. Cut To Length Lines mainly includes uncoiler, leveler, measuring encoder, shearer, conveyor, stacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc., the line can make sure of accurate feeding and shearing.
  2. It can be widely used in cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all the other kinds of metal materials with surface coating.
  3. The metal sheet cut to length line is uses PLC system which controls the length measurement. The information of length, shearing numbers and speed can be input to the PLC systems. When the need shearing number is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. It has an encoder with high precision, and whole line can work automatically and operate easily, smooth sheet can be made


  1. A Slitting Line is used to break master coils down into smaller coils of a specific width and or weight. A Slitting Line will uncoil a master coil and slit it to a specified width(s). The slit coils sometimes referred to as “mults” or “strips” are then recoiled. The finished slit coils produced by Slitting Lines are used in a wide variety of applications such as roll forming, stamping operations, and tube production.
  2. The whole line is controlled by PLC with SCADA or HMI.
  3. This line can help to improve efficiency, lower cost and ensure quality.
  4. This line is applicable for processing of copper, aluminum, cold-reduced material, hot rolled material, silicon steel, and stainless steel and so on.

Colour Coating Line

The Color Coating Line incorporates surface preparation, service coating, heating, cooling, prime coating, top coating/printing and guard film application. The revamp of PLC system by using GE-Fanuc State of the Art new PLC of 1800 DI/DO, rewired & commissioned the plant within 22 days.

A new state of the art High Speed 180mpm Continuous Color Coating Line of Shree Precoated steels Ltd. Commissioned in year 2006 using DC Drives, PLC of GE-Fanuc.

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Skin Pass Mill

  1. The device uses skin pass rolling to improve the mechanical properties and surface texture, and improve flatness, in order to form materials such as hot-rolled steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, stainless steel plates, and aluminum plates into final products.
  2. The advantages of skin-pass mills (also known as temper mills) include tight strip elongation tolerances; excellent flatness performance; high surface quality with respect to roughness, peak count and low residuals; and the availability of wet and dry skin-passing modes.

Cold Rolling Mill Automation

The 20-HI cold rolling mill is used for reduction of CR sheet thickness from 2 mm to 0.11mm by cold reduction. This is achieved by applying pressure from top & bottom rolls through hydraulic servo controls. The exact position accuracy is achieved by using position & pressure transducer.

The 1250mm wide 4-HI Cold Rolling Mill of Manaksia Ltd. was supplied with High Power MILL, ETR, DTR, POR DC Drives on communication Bus with PLC of 1800 I/O, MCC Panel, SCADA, Touch Panels etc.

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AGC (Automatic Gauge Controller)

  1. Automatic rolling process is a high-speed system which always requires high-speed control and communication capabilities. Meanwhile, it is also a typical complex electromechanical system; distributed control has become the mainstream of computer control system for rolling mill. Generally, the control system adopts the 2-level control structure—basic automation (Level 1) and process control (Level 2)—to achieve the automatic gauge control.
  2. The basic automation Level 1 accomplishes the fast collection of process information and the output of control results; controllers in this level are high-speed embedded controllers or high-performance PLC. Because of the time requirement of fast loop control, network communication rates among controllers are also highly demanded.
  3. Composed of process server and high-speed communication network, the process control (Level 2) can accomplish mathematical model calculating, initial values setting, and material tracking.

Annelling Line

  1. Annelling line changes the crystal structure of steel sheet by heat treatment, and improves properties such as hardness, strength, and elongation. It integrates the 5 processes of cleaning, cooling, heating, temper rolling, and refining, and carries them out in a single line, thus saving space and lowering costs.
  2. Advanced annealing lines are essential for ensuring precisely controlled metallurgical properties – as required for high-end steel applications – and fast processing speeds.